10 Things as a mom, I never thought I would say.

25 Nov



 1.   Get off of your sister.

 2.   Nothing goes into that hole. Nothing. That is an exit only hole. Understood?

 3.   I don’t have a tissue, just hand me your booger.

 4.   Don’t flush, I need to look at it.

 5.   I’ll give you 20 dollars if you stop talking.

 6.   Just spit it into my hand.

 7.   Good Lord! What did you eat? A dead person?

 8.   (To my daughter) Careful on that pole sweetie, it’s wet.

 9.   Do NOT lick the wall of a public restroom! You know what, don’t lick any walls. Anywhere.

 10. No, it wasn’t a raisin. How bout you don’t eat things you find on the ground at the park?


What have you said to your kids that you never thought you would say? Do you say the same things YOUR mom said to you? Have we become our mothers?


2 Responses to “10 Things as a mom, I never thought I would say.”

  1. Judy July 3, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    Please help! I want to make a pool noodle playhouse for my grandaughter but I really need help,what is the measurement of the grooves for the pool noodles to fit into. Also do I need smaller pieces to attach them? My grandaughter is 5 years old. Approx. how many noodles will I need from the 1.oo store. Any help will be SO appreciated.i see lots of pictures with the little boy stacking the “logs” but no directions as how to make the “logs”Thank you so much,Judy medina

  2. JessicaToday July 3, 2013 at 8:58 pm #

    @Judy –  Hi Judy! Wow! That’s an awesome task you’re taking on… I don’t have directions on how to do it, but I did some research for you… I didn’t find anything on the internet… Just pictures as you did… But I was determined… Here is what I found.. and just so you know.. these measurements may not be exact, but they could help you and with my family close by, we all pitched in trying to figure it out…SO.. We measure our noodles… We have two sizes: The smaller was 3 inches across at the end and 6 feet long. The second size noodle was 5 inches across at the end and 6 feet long… For building, I would say the smaller noodle was more manageable… We cut a 3 inch chunk out on each side of the noodle about 5 inches down from the edge, on each end and did so with 10 noodles (what we had).. they fit into each other perfectly and snuggly and were able to build a “box” shape.. SO… What I would do is that… then for different sizes, just cut your noodles in half, to make the “walls”.. Or entry way, etc… and continue cutting the wedge out on each side, etc… This was easy for us, and we were not exact and didn’t have any special tools (I used a steak knife).. We were going to need a LOT of noodles to make a “house” that one of my kids could actually crawl into or sit in… ONE noodle, was just two “logs” and to reach as high as my 6 year old, we needed about 12 noodle layers on each side (criss crossed).. You’re going to need a lot of noodles… :)This project inspired me and I feel as soon as we are home (we are on vacation right now) that this is something I may need to conquer… I hope any of my information may help you.. Like you, I did NOT find any directions or measurements on line, so it was something you will have to feel out… Good luck and please send me a picture of your final product or process or anything else you may come up with on the way… If you need help with other ideas for noodles, please email us and we can send you a link to more ideas!Thank you for contacting me!!! I look forward to seeing it!Jessica

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